Auburn garrett drive inn

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The gas station was in constant use during the heyday of travel on Route Shore also constructed an ice house located on the property. Today the Downey Building, located in an historic area, has been restored and houses the Palms Grill and Atlanta Museum. For more information, call The fair introduced several firsts, including Cracker Jacks, Aunt Jemima syrup, diet soda, and Pabst beer.

Auburn garrett drive inn

The restaurant is closed Mondays and open Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday, By the time Route 66 came along, the entire Pontiac Trail had pavement. The tall, elegant red pumps of the s gave way to the squat dispensers of the s; and Marathon Oil eventually superseded the Texaco Fire Chief brand. The park is open Monday-Friday 9: Stoyke, who designed several residences and commercial buildings in the vicinity, is also responsible for this one-story brick building constructed in the no-nonsense, utilitarian commercial style of the immediate postwar period. These enterprises occupied the ground floor of the building. It remains in the Thanas family today. The Chicken Basket began in the s as a mere lunch counter attached to a service station in then rural Hinsdale. They would reveal their excellent fried chicken recipe to Mr. Speed limits were imposed during the s. In , the new four-lane Route 66 opened around the east side of Bloomington, siphoning through-traffic off of East Pine Street. The Grant Park National Register nomination form can be found here. In the depressed s, when gas far outstripped consumers, independent operators could use this civic persona to help sell their gasoline. Steep gables distinguished the broad, red roofline. At its center will be the building that housed for nearly seven decades the officers who maintained a constant and critical presence on this section of Route But this domestic style, common along Route 66, had a distinct purpose and stems from a time in the early 20th century when gas stations were just beginning to seriously intrude upon the suburban landscape of America. In front of the building stands the original neon and metal sign. The park is bounded on the north by Randolph Dr. Facing an abandoned two-lane section of old Route 66, the office is modest. Although the restaurant had flourished since , the coming of the four lane, limited access to I in Hinsdale and in quickly siphoned off traffic and customers from Route Kolarik flooded the roof in winter and hired youths to ice skate on top of the building! By then, officers drove distinctively marked black and white cars with crackling radios and flashing blue lights. Beginning in , immediately after the war, the owners still sold gas and food, but they added other enterprises as well. Founder William Mitchell, whose original restaurant was across the street on the north side of Jackson Boulevard, named his startup after his son Lou, who worked with other family members helping to run the restaurant. Visitors can easily imagine the s, when Chevrolets, Buicks, and Plymouths pulled up under the canopy, and the station attendant pumped their tanks full of gasoline at 10 cents a gallon. Shore also constructed an ice house located on the property.

Auburn garrett drive inn

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  1. Steep gables distinguished the broad, red roofline. The building is not open to the public.

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