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The religion seems mostly Aztec, just to start. There's also no evidence of slave auctions for the latter. Gibson wanted to cast non-actors for each role, which meant the casting process eventually stretched across three continents. The real reason the Spanish were able to conquer the Americas was that they had guns and syphilis, against which the indigenous peoples had sticks and no antibodies. Finding the perfect jungle was tough. Also, the sheer scale of the human sacrifices plus the practice of raiding smaller villages and settlements in order to capture slaves and sacrifices' victims, as portrayed in the film, are more reminiscent of the Aztecs than the Maya. The first teaser trailer for Apocalypto, made before principal photography of the movie itself, includes a hidden single-frame image of a heavily bearded Gibson standing next to a group of Mayan actors with a cigarette in his mouth.


Most of the tribesmen and women had piercings of some description. For a foundation to their story, Gibson and co-screenwriter Farhad Safinia used Spanish colonial eyewitness accounts from the period and certain mythological aspects from the Popol Vuh, a sacred Mayan text that tells the creation story and epic mythological histories of Mayan culture. Jaguar Paw, the man who brings the jaguar. He also has a particularly chilling Evil Laugh. The eldest of the village children left behind calls after the captured adults that they needn't worry, because she will be mother to the others. The fate of the village. The actors had homework. The human sacrifices are especially horrific, when the victims are pulled over an altar and a priest cuts their chests open. The ears took some work. Maria Isidra Hoil, who played the diseased Oracle Girl, had never seen a movie before she was cast. Remarkably similar to the scene if you get off at Camden tube station at It is full of drugged-up dancers with bones through their noses, terrifying masks and jade-inlaid teeth, blood-drenched high priests making towers of skulls, and ghostly underlings caked in white mud. When Jaguar Paw has a minor Heroic B. A rare non-gunshot related example. The religion seems mostly Aztec, just to start. The victims are splayed on a column at the top of a pyramid, and a priest cracks their ribcage open with an obsidian knife to pluck out their still-beating hearts. The bit when a slaver is being mauled by a jaguar is also shown in lovely detail. Jaguar Paw and, of course, Zero Wolf. Like you wouldn't believe. Jaguar Paw, his father, most of the village men. When one of the slavers is bitten by a snake, Middle Eye comments that "he's fucked". Jaguar Paw falls into a quicksand pit, but he manages to escape, signifying his prophecized "Rebirth from Mud". And yet, all of a sudden, a boatload of Spaniards turn up waving great big Christian crosses. Many of the actors then had to learn Yucatec Maya for the film. My father hunted this forest before me.


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