3400 intake gasket replacement

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Abraham Torres-Arredondo Article Id: You can find this tutorial in Spanish here: Make sure to store the pushrods in a box for correct re-assembly 19 Remove the two bad lower manifold gaskets. Once you remove those four 10mm nuts, carefully wiggle and pull upwards on the fuel rail, and the injectors will unseat themselves from the lower intake manifold, and the whole fuel rail will come out. Then pull the PCV valve from the front valve cover. I know it sucks that you're having this particular problem with your 3. I opted for the latter. These are included in the Fel Pro kit.

3400 intake gasket replacement

The job at a glance Tools: So, you might be wondering, is there a way to prevent this from happening? Not too mention that there's a price difference between both. The four outer ones are shorter. To remove them, squeeze in on the bottom of the clips, then pull up on the fuel line. One in the back, two on the front of the engine and one for the tensioner. Apply thread sealant to the threads of the old bolts and the the top end of each long bolt. Here is a list of the components, their location in the order I removed them: Unclamp these two lines and pull off the rear one. This eventually results in gaskets that look like the one in the photos I'm using in this article. The 3rd 10mm bolt is on the metal fuel lines to the right 7 Now gently pry up with a screwdriver and remove the rail and injectors from the manifold. Insert the panel fastener for the wiring back in the hole in the bracket. This necessitated removal of the stud. You saved some serious jingle. Removal of the upper manifold 1 Drive the front of the vehicle up on ramps or set on jack stands. Store the pushrods in a box, such as shoebox, in the same position as they were in the engine. Once out of warranty On the firewall side of the throttle body. You can leave the throttle cables attached to the throttle body, and just position the entire assembly aside. Tighten down the the three 10mm mounting bolts. They are simply seated in their respective ports. These have some history of allowing coolant seepage. Use the updated intake manifold gaskets and 2. This can be done now, or later. A box end wrench worked best here. I opted for the latter. Most of these do double duty, holding accessories.

3400 intake gasket replacement

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